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Local Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Heritage Inn.  





 Grasslands ATA Local #34

  1. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @schill_dawg: Teaching is great because teachers are great. This has been an exhausting week. Colleagues, please take time this weekend…
  2. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @albertateachers: “We have serious concerns about how students with special needs will be supported . . . and with the disconnect from t…
  3. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @griffpschool: Paper packets will be available at Griffin Park ready for 12:00pm. All online learning will be released at 1:00pm. Reme…
  4. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @albertateachers: Up to 25.000 education workers are now joining the unemployment line, leaving vulnerable students & their families wit…

 Grasslands Public Schools

  1. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools Our first @gpsd6 board meeting held at a distance was a great success thanks to our amazing tech department!!… https://t.co/agWmoSatf3
  2. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools Due to the current situation with COVID 19, the public portion of our regular board meeting will be held via Zoom.… https://t.co/pWCVwn0iOo
  3. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools Well done, Nathan!!! #abed #gpsd6 https://t.co/A4ZJjlHIGw
  4. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @jopebrooks: The @CityofBrooks has sent out a notice that the use of playgrounds and outdoor equipment has been prohibited. @GPSD6 @Coun