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Local Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Heritage Inn.  





 Grasslands ATA Local #34

  1. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @hsatalocal5: Why attend the rally? Because decisions being made by the current government will have a lasting impact on the educational…
  2. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @pickover: Mathematics. Mr. Cat asks, "How many triangles?" https://t.co/XPCAzSO76e
  3. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @ABschoolcouncil: Mark your calendars for Monday September 19th at 7 pm! Online engagement to discuss education priorities with the UCP…
  4. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @GiwedinAnangKwe: As we approach Orange Shirt Day this year, here is a 5-day school-wide shared reading plan around Rita Joe’s renowned…

 Grasslands Public Schools

  1. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools Happy Lunar New Year to all those celebrating today! #LunarNewYear #gpsd6 #abed https://t.co/94OhqgUYhL
  2. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools A few more from our Division Wellness Day. #wellnessday #gpsd6 #FeatureFriday https://t.co/2KmK8vPSSR
  3. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools Today was the second annual Grasslands Division Wellness Day. Our staff got right into it! #wellnessday #gpsd6… https://t.co/eNU9e4RNDc
  4. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @gcracker85: Be a #luckpusher @TheLuckpusher thanks for sharing your story! @griffpschool @GPSD6 @GrasslandsATA34