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Local Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Heritage Inn.  





 Grasslands ATA Local #34

  1. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @HQuinnLocal37: IF YOU'RE NOT ANGRY, YOU'RE NOT PAYING ATTNTN!! This govt took my pension w/o asking, gave it to AIMCo who just lost $2.…
  2. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 To be clear, you've listened to our feedback so you changed a public reporting word? That's the tweet? https://t.co/rO3SUY0A41
  3. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 Excellent question. https://t.co/2ZBWf7ILo1
  4. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @CTFFCE: “Teachers and education workers are frontline workers without frontline worker protection. We are failing educators, and the s…

 Grasslands Public Schools

  1. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @Scotty_B66: First day of holidays, first cup of coffee in my new @GPSD6 Superhero mug, and our puppy figured he deserved the first tas…
  2. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @KallieFreimark: Super excited about this initiative! Thankful to have a small part in it @GPSD6
  3. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @laurelbeaton: Thank-you Eastbrook Parent Council (SAC) for the lovely treats! This was greatly appreciated by our staff. Cookies creat…
  4. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @ABteacherlife: Shout out to Don Chava Taqueria for the amazing lunch and to @GPSD6 board for the amazing gift.