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Local Council meets the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Heritage Inn.  





 Grasslands ATA Local #34

  1. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 @MarlyssaWill
  2. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 Last Week's #RedForEdAB winner! Congratulations @marlypsaw!! Don't forget dress #RedForEd again tomorrow Feb.26th!… https://t.co/Dmc7gesAm8
  3. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @CalamityJayne4: My tax dollars shouldn't be helping pay for someone else's private or religious school while my own kids are denied the…
  4. Grasslands ATA 34Grasslands ATA 34 RT @albertateachers: Teachers are "feeling a little disrespected". "They've been working on the front-line so they would like to have that…

 Grasslands Public Schools

  1. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools @tweetsomemoore You are most welcome!!
  2. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @Scotty_B66: Yesterday these gifts of appreciation were waiting on the desks for all of our central office staff. A great way to start…
  3. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @ABteacherlife: Some of the amazing Art being showcased here @BJHSchool. We are super proud of the work within our Fine Arts program. @G
  4. Grasslands SchoolsGrasslands Schools RT @Chem_Bernhard: Celebrating @pinkshirtday @griffpschool. @GPSD6 #PinkShirtDay2021 https://t.co/t5OTiekMWd